My name is Christina, the founder of Christina White Design. I’m an interdisciplinary critical designer who’s work focuses on social innovation.  I have a Master of Design from Emily Carr of Art + Design, and a Bachelor of Graphic Design from OCADU. My practice and research allow me explore materiality, methodological approaches, and the relationship between the designer, artifact and participant.

I believe that design can be used as a tool for social good as it can speculate, critique, and provide different points of view of topical issues. To me design is more than just making something look ‘pretty’ it is about the story, how people engage with the end result and it’s legacy!

How do I achieve this? Throughout my years of academic and professional practice I’ve been able to test and formulate a design process that works for me regardless of project, client, or scope of work. My design process consists of three phases: research + develop, prototype + create, and execute.

My clients include: Provincial Health Services Association Vancouver, Microsoft, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, WZMH Architects, Jacknife Design, Mettrum Ltd., FaceDrive, Neptune Computers, OCADU, CloTHING(s) a

My work ranges from market insights, brand strategy, design research, UX design,  and traditional graphic design + branding! I have a strong love for typography, running, vegan baked goods, and reading. Feel free to contact me for possible collaboration,  inquiries, or for some delicious vegan donut recipes.